The 3rd Workshop on Automatic Simultaneous Translation

Challenges, Recent Advances, and Future Directions

Workshop at NAACL 2022, Seattle, Friday July 15, 2022
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Organizing Committee

  • Hua Wu, Baidu Inc., China, E-mail:
  • Liang Huang, Oregon State University and Baidu Research, USA, E-mail:
  • Zhongjun He, Baidu Inc., China, E-mail:
  • Qun Liu,Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab, Hong Kong, China, E-mail:
  • Wolfgang Macherey, Goolge, USA, E-mail:
  • Julia Ive, Imperial College London, UK, E-mail:

The organizers come from companies and universities, having rich experiences in organizing conferences, workshops and evaluation campaigns. Their research interests include machine translation, natural language processing, machine learning, speech technologies, linguistics, etc.

  • Hua Wu is the chief scientist of Baidu NLP and the chair of Baidu technical committee. Her primary research areas are machine translation and dialogue systems, and she has also worked on question answering, knowledge graph, and distributed representation. She served as program co-chair of ACL 2014, chaired international conferences such as ACL and IJCAI, and is serving as the program co-chair of AACL 2020.
  • Liang Huang is an Associate Professor at Oregon State University and Distinguished Scientist of Baidu Research USA. He received a Best Paper Award at ACL 2008 and a Best Paper Honorable Mention at EMNLP 2016. He gave an invited talk at ACL 2019 on simultaneous translation.
  • Zhongjun He is a Distinguished Architect of Baidu Inc. He leads Baidu machine translation team and has released several versions of Baidu’s simultaneous translation system since 2017. He organized the first simultaneous translation evaluation campaign in China in 2019.
  • Qun Liu is Chief Scientist of Speech and Language Computing at Huawei’s Noak’s Ark Lab, Hong Kong, China. He was previously a Professor at Dublin City University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is widely recognized as a leading scientist in machine translation and natural language processing in general.
  • Wolfgang Macherey is a staff research scientist at Google and the Research Tech Lead of Google Translate. His research interests focus on machine learning, neural modeling, machine translation, natural language processing and automatic speech recognition.
  • Julia Ive is the author of many mono- and multimodal text generation approaches in Machine Translation and Summarisation. She is the author of the first multimodal approach to Simultaneous Machine Translation based on adaptive policies with Reinforcement Learning. She has participated in a range of Machine Translation related shared tasks (WMT series) and has experience of organising interdisciplinary workshops.

Here Hua, Liang, Zhongjun and Qun Liu also served on the Organizing Committee of the previous workshops. Two out of six members are female (Hua and Julia).

Steering Committee

  • Mark Liberman, Professor of Linguistics and Director of LDC, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Haifeng Wang, CTO, Baidu, China

Program Committee

(†: members from underrepresented demographic groups; 8 in total)